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Aluminum electrolytic /Conductive polymer hybrid/Conductive polymer solid

Cautions for using

Please read the following warning and cautions!!

The electronic components shown in this catalog are designed and produced mainly for such general-purpose electronic equipment as audio and visual equipment, home appliances, office equipment, and information processing and communication equipment. If you wish to use these components in medical equipment, transportation equipment (automotive, train, ships etc), aircraft, spacecraft, security systems, or other equipment that requires high safety application, you are required to confirm application through your own testing.

Regardless of a component's intended use, if high safety application are required, it is recommended that you establish a protective or redundant circuit and conduct safety tests.

Regardless of a component's intended use, it is recommended that you obtain from ELNA Co., LTD. The component's technical specifications to ensure that the component is suitable for the equipment in which it will be installed.

Specifications and dimensions shown in this catalog are subject to change without notice.

If necessary, ELNA Co., LTD. can provide drawings.

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