From Design, Trial to Mass Production of Capacitor and PC Board, We will supply Electronic Device all over the world

1. Human Rights

Human rights and character shall be respected and no act of discrimination shall be conducted.

  • Will comply with the laws and regulations and mutually respect the human rights and human nature and make efforts for equal opportunity in employment and shall not permit child labor or forced labor.
  • Recognize the diverse values of individuals and will respect the character and individuality of each person, and shall not take any actions that may be construed as sexual harassment, power harassment or the like, or any factors that ignores the character of the person.
  • Will respect the basic human rights and shall not discriminate on the basis of place of birth, gender, age, nationality, race, ethnic origin, creed, religion, social position, disability or other similar factors.

2. Ethics

Shall, at all times, take actions with a sense of ethics.

  • Shall maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with politicians and administrative authorities and no donations or political contributions that are contrary to laws or against social ethics shall be conducted.
  • No relationship whatsoever shall be had with anti-social elements and any unjust demands shall be strictly dealt with, and the Company shall not cater to, or give into such forces.
  • Shall not undertake any acts or be involved in any acts that would benefit oneself or a third party and are detrimental to the interest of the Company.
  • In preparing accounting books and paying taxes, fairness shall be the key and no false or fictitious recording shall be made.
  • No purchase or sales of shares of the Company or of other companies shall be made based on material internal information of the Company or other such companies gained in the course of performance of duties.
  • With respect to suspicions of any violation to laws and regulations or corporate ethics relating to the business, it shall be dealt with quickly by information gathering through internal audits or a help line.

3. Fair Trade

Shall undertake in fair trade practices.

  • No actions that are based on unfair trading practices that exploit an advantageous position over customers will be carried out, and trading based on the principles of free trade shall be promoted.
  • Shall not enter into a cartel or undertake bid fixing with competing businesses or with business organizations.
  • With respect to entertainment and gifts, it shall be limited to that which is permitted as a business custom, and regardless of whether direct or indirect, no cash or other personal contributions that would exert influence on business relationships shall be accepted or demanded.
  • The necessary permits shall be obtained with respect to the export or provision of technologies that are subject to regulations that may be used or diverted to weaponry.
  • Persons responsible for exports shall understand the internal rules relating to export controls and shall comply with the required items.

4. Environment

Shall make efforts toward harmony between corporate activities and the environment.

  • Based on the recognition that the products of the Company are used around the world as being essential for the electronics industry, the Company shall endeavor to achieve coexistence with the earth's environment and the local community, and shall take into consideration all aspects of environmental preservation and shall undertake business activities that enable a continuation of improvements.
  • In addition to complying with laws and regulations relating to the environment, care will always be taken of preserving the environment and shall work to minimize the burden on the environment in all stages from technology development, design, production, sales and recovery.
  • In addition to managing the chemical substances in the materials and manufacturing process, efforts will be made to minimize the impact on the environment, including the effective use of raw materials and reduction of waste.

5. Quality and Safety

Efforts shall be made toward the safety and quality of the products.

  • Unrelenting reviews shall always be made of the method of business conduct and the internal rules so as to enable optimum quality control.
  • In the event of an incident relating to the products that the Company has provided, the highest priority will be attached to responding to the customers, and efforts shall be made to prevent the expansion of damage and its recurrence.

6. Safety and Health

Efforts shall be made to realize a safe and comfortable working environment.

  • Laws and regulations, and internal rules relating to safety and health shall be complied with and a comfortable work environment shall be maintained.
  • In addition to taking into consideration the health of the employees by creating a safe and cleanly workplace, efforts will be made toward the prevention of disasters.

7. Information Management

Information shall be properly managed and efforts shall be made for the prevention of information leakage and inappropriate disclosures.

  • For the shareholders, investors and other various stakeholders, with respect to information requested to be disclosed and information deemed to be disclosed, accurate and fair disclosures shall be made.
  • Confidential corporate information, regardless of whether it is the Company's or that of other companies, shall be strictly managed.
  • Regardless of whether still employed or retired, no confidential corporate information shall be disclosed or leaked without fulfilling the stipulated procedures.
  • The relevant laws and regulations, and internal rules shall be complied with and efforts shall be made for the appropriate management to prevent leakage, taking into consideration the significance of personal information.

8. Preservation of Company Property

Company property shall be properly preserved.

  • Regardless of whether it is tangible or intangible, efforts shall be made to properly manage the Company's property to prevent damage, loss, theft, etc., and shall not be used for purposes other than the business.
  • Intellectual properties including patents and trademarks are important assets of the Company and efforts shall be made for their preservation.