From Design, Trial to Mass Production of Capacitor and PC Board, We will supply Electronic Device all over the world

Company Creed

Company Creed

Corporate Philosophy

The Company shall make efforts to pursue quality and harmony with the environment and build a relationship of confidence as a good partner to the customers, and through the prosperity of our business, shall contribute to society.

Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1937, our company, named after the German woman poet, Elna, has produced various electronic components, specializing in capacitors and printed circuit boards. In particular, as our capacitors are widely used for high-grade audio appliances, our company is famous amongst many music fans for the "ELNA sound". Currently, we deal in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, electric double-layer capacitors, and printed circuit boards. In particular, we have focused on products that maintain high quality and high efficiency even under harsh conditions such as vibration, high humidity, high pressure, and high and low temperatures. Thus, we have transformed ourselves into a company of excellence in product development in response to customers' needs in the vehicle installation industry. For example, owing to our long-held technology leadership position, our electric double-layer capacitors were used in a mini-lander named MINERVA, deployed by the asteroid probe Hayabusa in its voyage across the universe.

To remain globally competitive, including maintaining cost competitiveness and high quality, we will increase our ability to improve upon our exclusive technology and respond flexibly to customers' needs and expand product lines adapting to the coming environmental energy age. In the capacitor business, our "whisker-free" products (See Note 1), which we developed, gained a high reputation and were adopted by many customers. In the printed circuit boards business, we will further improve our customizing ability in order to respond quickly to our customers' needs and develop high-value added products with high-density and high-pressure resistance. Moreover, we will position the Aomori capacitor factory and the Shiga printed circuit board factory as the key factories for the respective products. We will enhance development and production technologies in Japan and then expand overseas as part of our global perspective.

Our management will continue to visit our field sites and make efforts to achieve business developments and make social contributions by working together with all group members, so that our company may survive and thrive in the next generation. We appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

(Note 1) By changing tin coating goods containing lead to tin coating lead wire because of the growing use of lead free solders as a measure for improvement of environmental contamination, tin whiskers occur at lead-welded spots of capacitors, and these whiskers scatter to the electronic circuit resulting in a short. Therefore, we applied a method that prevents whiskers from being scattered outside the capacitor and achieved to make a whisker-free product.

RepresentativeDirector & President
Hidetoshi Yoshida

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