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Bump Printing

Cross Section After Contact

View of bump after printing

View of contact between layers



  • Pad-on-via structure becomes easy.
  • The glass fiber yarn in the build-up layers and the use of prepreg provides superior bending strength and shock strength.
  • The drilling processes and plating processing can be reduced, with major benefits in terms of environmental friendliness.
  • The fine patterns provide increased density.
  • Compatible with resin materials with the exception of FR-4 substrate materials.


  • Portable telephones/portable data terminals, digital cameras, IC cards, camera modules, etc.

Standard Specifications

Items Standard specification
External layer Min. Conductor width 0.1mm (0.075)
Min. Spacing of conductor 0.1mm (0.075)
Internal layer Min. Conductor width 0.1mm
Min. Spacing of conductor 0.1mm
Conductor thickness of external layer 18µm (35)
Conductor thickness of internal layer 35µm (18)
Plating thickness of through hole (Combination Type) IVH 15µm
TH 15µm
Via Smallest land diameter of external layer Bump φ0.3mm (0.275)
TH φ0.5mm
Smallest land diameter of internal layer Bump φ0.3mm (0.275)
TH φ0.5mm
Smallest hole diameter IVH φ0.2mm
TH φ0.25mm
Number of layer 4, 6, 8

New Technologies

Stack via


Laser via + B2it

Etched-bump + B2it

* Please inquire separately regarding fine specifications and special specifications.

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