From Design, Trial to Mass Production of Capacitor and PC Board, We will supply Electronic Device all over the world

Just what will you use for PWB for?

What are the most critical factors in printed-circuit board?

ELNA is constantly thinking about the environment in which the board are used. While others companies can claim that their products have excellent quality and functionality, is this enough?

At ELNA we understand that the user needs quick responses to any questions or concerns. ELNA is constantly looking for new answers.

ELNA's Ultra-fine PCB Technologies: Meeting the demand for high-speed data processing

ELNA's goals include increasing the level of flexibility in printed-circuit board design, increasing product manufacturing efficiency, and reducing the burden on the environment. ELNA responds to the challenging specifications required by the world of IT by bringing in outside technologies in combination with its own proprietary technologies to provide the most up-to-date miniaturization techniques. With the advance Etching Technology, enable high precision Impedance Control products.

At ELNA, we have established high-precision surface-mount printed-circuit board manufacturing processes, and we provide flexible services to fit the needs of the global market, offering the entire set of services from design through shipping, provided by our CAD/CAM systems.

Product name Features Applications
Build-up printed-circuit board PCB with Laser Via (Conformal, Filled), Conductive Paste for Inner-Layer connectivity technology.
Able to produce high density PCB for fine pitch CSP assembly.
Mobile telephones, video cameras, digital cameras, IC cards.
FPH printed-circuit board Multi-layer printed-circuit board capable of high density packaging through the use of a perpetual hole processing method in the through via holes and through fabricating via-on-pad configurations using secondary plating. Video cameras, tuners, external memory devices, car audio, display devices.
BVH printed-circuit board Because the innerlayer connections are made using a non-through via hole technique, these are multi-layer printed-circuit board with increased interconnect densities. Video cameras, car audio, MDs, DVDs.
Multi-layer printed-circuit board High-density printed-circuit board wherein the innerlayer conductive layers and the surface conductive layers are connected using copper-plated through holes. These provide smaller device form factors with improved electrical characteristics. Video cameras, communications devices, PCs, car audio/navigation systems, automobile electronics, measurement instruments, amusement machines.
Double-sided printed-circuit board Printed-circuit board with high-reliability through holes and superior soldering capabilities provided through performing copperplating processes for the electrical contacts on both sides of the board. AV equipment, car audio, PC peripheral devices, amusement machines, automotive electronics, measurement instruments.

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