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  • It is capable of mounting of CSP with the pad 0.5mm pitch.
  • Using prepreg with woven glass cloth, it offers the excellent performance in bending strength test and drop impact test.
  • The stack-via (Structure) is able to produce by Filled Copper Plating.
  • Higher density assembly is available by means of fine patterning technologies.
  • Including FR-4 base materials, most conventional CCLs and pre-pregs are applied for this PWB for the required performances.


  • Cellular phone, Digital still camera, CAM corder, IC card, PWB-Module, etc

Standard Specification

Items Standard spec.
External layer Min. conductor width 0.075mm
Min. spacing of conductors 0.075mm
Internal layer Min. conductor width 0.1mm (0.075)
Min. spacing of conductors 0.1mm (0.075)
Conductor thickness of external layer 18µm
Conductor thickness of internal layer 35µm
Plating thickness of through hole (Combination Type) IVH 15µm
TH 20µm
Via Smallest land diameter of external layer Laser-via φ0.275 (φ0.25)
TH φ0.6
Smallest land diameter of internal layer Laser φ0.275 (φ0.25)
IVH φ0.5
Smallest hole diameter IVH φ0.2
TH φ0.25
Number of layer 4. 6. 8, 10

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