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1.The Collection, Use and Provision of Private Information

We at ELNA Co., Ltd. clearly specifies the purposes for which it collects private information, only collects information relevant to the normal range of its business operations, and uses this information only for the purposes for which it was gathered. When any projected usage would exceed the purposes for which it was gathered, unless its supply to a third party would fall under either of the two following provisions, this company will only use the information after seeking clear authorization from its source.

  1. 1.When required by legal authority.
  2. 2.When needed to preserve human life, health, wealth or other major interests.

2.The Proper Control of Private Information

We will preserve the accuracy and security of the use of private information, and will prevent illicit access to, and the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage, etc., of the information, while at the same time implementing measures to ensure the correctness and security of the information.

3.Legal Compliance

We will comply to the fullest extent with all laws, official standards and other rules affecting private information.

4.Ongoing Improvements to the System of Controlling Private Information

We will review its information security management system (ISMS) in the light of changes in the business and social environments, and of revisions to the laws and other regulations governing private information, so as to ensure its ongoing improvement.

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