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Disclosures under the "Law for the Protection of Personal Information"

Disclosures under the "Law for the Protection of Personal Information"

ELNA CO., LTD. ("Company") makes the following public disclosures based on the "Law for the Protection of Personal Information."

  • Use of Personal Information

    Information obtained from customers shall be used for the following purposes (separate disclosures will be provided when information is obtained for purposes other than those noted below)

    1. To provide the customer with product/ service information, sales, offerings
    2. To request participation in various surveys
    3. To respond to certain inquiries/ requests
    4. Other general customer management
    5. To make orders or contact vendors on the customer's behalf
    6. To settle accounts with vendors
    7. Other vendor management purposes
    8. To report to/ make filings with government agencies or industry groups
    9. To recruit Company employees and/ or select job applicants

      (The use of Company employee information is subject to separate notification/ announcement)

  • Personal Information to Third Parties

    Except as provided by the Law or as indicated below, the Company shall not provide personal information to any third parties.

    1. When permission has been granted by the customer
    2. When required by law
    3. When necessary for the protection of human life, limb or assets, and when receiving permission from the individual in question is difficult
    4. When particularly necessary for the betterment of public health or the promotion of the sound education of children, and when receiving permission from the individual in question is difficult
    5. In cooperation with national institutions, local municipal agencies, or those appointed by such, when cooperation is required in the execution of their duties, and when receiving permission from the individual in question would hinder the execution of said duties.
  • Joint use of Personal Information

    To the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned above, the items of Personal Information shown below are jointly used between the Company and sales companies such as TAIYO YUDEN GROUP and distributors. In this circumstance, the Company is responsible for the management of the Personal Information jointly used.

    The items of Personal Information jointly used:
    Information on full name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc), place of work (company name, department name, title, etc), inquiries, requests, contract, etc.

  • Entrustment of Personal Information

    The Company may entrust part of its operations to external contractors if necessary to operate Company’s business. In this circumstance, Personal Information obtained is provided to external contractors. The Company will strictly manage treatment of the Personal Information by those external contractors.

  • "Request for Disclosure" / "Complaint" Contact

    The Company will respond to complaints or requests for disclosure (disclosure, revision, termination of use, deletion) of Personal Information retained by the Company from relevant individuals within a reasonable time frame.

    Customer inquiries shall be directed to the contact information indicated at the time that Personal Information was provided. If contact information is unclear, Customers may make inquiries using this form.
    The Company will confirm the identities of all customers for "Request for Disclosure."

    Unfortunately, the Company cannot accept requests done in person. Customer's understanding is appreciated.