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Environmental Philosophy

The environment is the first step in binding us closer together.

Knowing that our products are essential to the worldwide electronics industry, we commit to working in harmony with the global environment and local society, giving consideration to every aspect of environmental preservation and its continual improvement in our corporate activities.

Environmental Policies

  1. We will accurately assess the impact of our business upon the environment, and engage continuously in activities to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact.
  2. We will not only strictly observe all related laws and regulations but also engage in voluntary activities to maintain and improve the environment.
  3. We will give full consideration to environmental preservation in the provision of our products.
  4. We will work to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes by reducing energy requirements and waste, etc.
  5. We will work with local and other related government agencies and contribute to activities to preserve and improve the environment.
  6. We will implement environmental education, aiming to increase the awareness of environmental issues.

ELNA's Environmentally Friendly Capacitors conform to environmental-related legislation and regulations in EU.

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