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Ask yourself what you need from a capacitor.

What is it that you look for in capacitor?
This question can be asked from a broad range of perspectives.
It is not enough anymore for capacitors just to be small and strong;
they must also be easy on people and on the environment.
ELNA is constantly searching for new solutions.

High temperature/long-life, low ESR, superior endurance in reflow:

Accelerating the Growth of IT-Based Companies.
The pace of growth in information technology is accelerating. As time passes there are calls for the creation of new added-value capabilities in capacitors to respond to need for vehicle-mounted devices, for backup power supplies for communications equipment, and the like. ELNA provides solutions, focusing on parts and components. ELNA is constantly facing the challenging of renewing its leading-edge technologies to produce the high-functionality, high quality components that will help fulfill the dreams of humanity from the business environment to the entertainment world.

Product name Features Applications
Small chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors Low impedance, long life, guaranteed high-temperature performance, resistance to physical shock, high sound quality. AV equipment, OA equipment, vehicle-mounted equipment, communications devices.
Large aluminum electrolytic capacitors Low impedance, ling life expectancy, guaranteed performance at high temperatures. AV equipment, OA equipment, vehicle-mounted equipment, communications devices.
Electric double layer capacitors Low internal resistance, high capacitance Car audio, digital cameras, PDAs, toys, mobile telephones, roadway display devices, energy recovery devices.